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Blue skies forever today

So its looking like a great day to take the dogs to the beach a bit later on. A bit chilly, but it is winter so I suppose that goes with the territory. I’ve had a great week so far this week. I’ve reconnected with some one who follows this blog, or at least he used to, and I’ve had some more lady sex, which makes me really happy, and I’ve been doing probably too much shopping for pretty things – my latest splurge was finally getting my phone screen fixed and putting it in a very sexy phone case – its been broken for like 2 years, I just couldn’t be bothered taking it to the Apple store. I know its only a little thing, but I feel like I have a brand new phone! so satisfying.

Sativa and I have been plotting dastardly deeds again. We’ve decided that a raunchy sapphic photo shoot is in order, as we’d like to really drum home the fact that rubbing oil into each others breasts while you watch is what gives us life. We’ve been looking up photographers and planning outfits and giving each other booby rubs in preparation. Its going to be epic!

I’ve been slack the last week with gym, as my trainer was sick and there was no one there to peer pressure me into doing burpees, but he’s back from the dead this week, and I’ve got make-up sessions to do. This trainers name is Josh, just like the last one, but he isn’t nearly as heinous as Heinous Josh, which is kinda good because I’m not quite as fit as I used to be after a couple of years out of action.

We’ll have to name this Josh too, I think, to avoid confusing them. He’s super upbeat and chirpy and wholesome (yes he knows I’m a sex worker, he’s wholesome but not prudish), he has dark hair where the other Josh is blonde but they’re both young and hot, and he loves high fives. I’m thinking Chirpy Josh or Happy Josh. Yep, that will do. Happy Josh vs Heinous Josh.

Ok, looks like I spoke to soon about the blue skies. There are some ominous looking bruised black clouds rolling over at the moment. Its looking like a much better day to stay home and possibly abuse the electric blanket than its looking like a beach day. Oh well. The dogs will be disappointed.

Have a great day! I’m available all day until 4pm if you’d like to come over and check out my huge warm bed and get out of the rain for a while 🙂

Lani xx

2 Responses to “Blue skies forever today”

  • alias:

    Reading this blog reminds me that I need to get to the gym more regularly than I am doing currently!

    Hope you did get to go to the beach in the end! Winter weather can go away now please.

  • Grant:

    This was a very upbeat blog, ever with the ominous cloud rolling in.

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