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Gift Ideas & Wish List

Gift Ideas

I like presents. I like to give them, and I like to get them. Its difficult to buy for someone you don’t know very well though, and this page is here to help people who thought of buying something, but got a bit stuck when it came to choosing things.

For those wondering if I’m just a big greedy-guts, 😛 to you. No, no I’m not, but I am female, so I like shiny things lol. Stop judging me anyway, presents are not compulsory, or a way of getting a better service, or a way of being my New Best Friend, they are just a nice gesture that is very much appreciated. As I said, I’m a gift giver too, so I get that its nice to be nice, and that its lovely to make someone feel lovely.

I don’t like people to waste money on things I won’t like though, so here are a few ideas for things I will appreciate 🙂

* Books. I love books. Erotic art and literature, fantasy novels (But see if I have it first, my fantasy collection is a bit epic) biographies, histories, quirky books of facts, travel books… just books. I love books.

* Tropical flowers or gerbera daisies – bright is best, and ferns/ palms are gorgeous too – either potted or cut, I’m not fussy that way 🙂

* NO MAKING ME FATTER PLEASE – I love chocolates, and little cupcakes and macarons and delicious foods of all varieties, but I’m on a strict diet, so please don’t tempt me with naughty little noms. Its cruel.

* Lingerie, bikini and dress shopping is awesome. Always a winner. Best to take me with you though, or make sure its exchangeable, just in case there are issues with the style or fit of the outfit. I love Peter Alexander for cute little pj’s and fun things like candles and other little trinkets. Alannah Hill, Saba and French Connection for fashion.

Honey Birdette, IM Boutique lingerie, Wicked Weasel bikinis, Dirty Pretty Things, HouseOfHarlot and Agent Provocateur  are perfect for seducing you in.

I’m not adverse to a bit of lycra, and I spend a lot of my time in gym clothes, so if you prefer to keep my ass in shiny skintight bits of nothing, Lulu Lemon, Lorna Jane and Victoria Secret Sportswear are all very good bets.

* Adventures. I love adventures. My last big one was hang gliding, the one before that was horse riding, but it was very tame. I’m very fit and I’m up for most things!

* Apple products. I wouldn’t say no to an iPad mini, for example lol. OR OR Playstation 4 games.

* Sparkly things. Specifically enamelled jewellery, or anything at all from Swarovski, or earring and bracelet pendants from Pandora, or anything else that does not contain nickel – I’m allergic. Diva does good costume jewellery that is very very affordable, and also nickel free if you wanted to buy sparklys for me but you’re on a budget.

*Things for my little zoo. I have far too many pets – cats, dogs and a galah. Presents for my babies are always appreciated 🙂

*Fun things like gift cards for pole dancing lessons or other acrobatic/ sexy/ entertaining activities also make a really fun gift.

Having said that, some of the best gifts I’ve received have cost the giver nothing but time and effort. Examples are burnt cd’s and dvd’s, flowers from someones garden, a card they made themselves. Please don’t break your budget on my account. I’d feel bad if you had to live on 2 minute noodles – thats not cool. There are better ways to impress me, and I’m not that materialistic anyway lol. I like spending quality time with quality people more than I like rolling around in piles of diamonds 😉


These are the things that are really high on my “wanna wanna wanna” list at the moment. If you’re into playing Sexy Santa and you really want to blow my mind, these are the things that I’m either saving up for myself or doing research into at the moment. Otherwise known as my goals 🙂 I’ll update this section as I cross things off/ think of more things I must absolutely have/ remember to update. I’m not great with remembering to update, so maybe check in before you go on a big splurge, just to be safe 🙂

* TV unit/ display cabinet combo, quite large preferably.

* A new car, or at least newer than my 2001 bomb (its worth a shot lol). Small 4WD would be perfect. This is kinda urgent at this point – I’m also happy to barter for the right vehicle. 

* Outdoor furniture setting

* Kettle bell pairs, from 12kg – 20kg

* Travel. Currently planning a QLD road trip for a family reunion, and I promised my best friend I’d pop over to Scotland next chance I get to give her a squeeze.

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