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Good Morning Kittens

What are your plans for today? Personally, I’m going to have the kind of long, hot steamy shower that just isn’t possible with your ordinary hot water system. I’m a spoiled brat, I have had endless (the type of heater, not a never-ending procession of heaters)  hot water systems in every house I have lived in since 2006. It means I’m no longer capable of leaving hot water for anyone else when I have to use the other kind.

After I finish scrubbing myself until I squeak, I am going to mani pedi the shit out of myself, curl my hair, do my face, and go back to bed, hopefully not by myself but hey, call me if you want to join me, I’ve been having some umm interesting thoughts the last day or two. I blame the weather. Its only good for snuggling, this time of year. Its too wet and windy outside to do anything, and its boring inside, so my brain has been dangling enticing activities in the back of my mind, like tying up and teasing poor bemused strangers in my bedroom amongst other things.

I have to admit, I find it hard to sit still and do nothing all day while I am waiting for incalls. I’m still building my business back after taking nearly 2 years off to deal with my health, and I have never ever been the sort to sit around and wait, but I’m trying to give it a go now. Its too much like what I remember brothel work being like. In brothels, you turn up for work in your civvies, and then spend no more than half an hour getting glamorous, and then you wait for the doorbell to ring. While you wait, you read, or watch television, redo your makeup or chat to the other ladies. I would usually chat to the other ladies, or to the receptionist…. my point is, there was always someone to talk to. This is like the boredom of waiting in a brothel, stuck there until the end of your shift, but without the other people to talk to.

Invariably, I fail in my plan to sit here and look pretty until the phone rings, and instead I will take the dogs to the beach or go shopping or call a friend and organise to go to lunch, because life is short and so is my attention span. I’m working on being more patient, and also more presentable, because going to the beach with two bouncy mutts on a miserable day is one sure way to get wet and windblown hair, and muddy paw prints all over you. Its not exactly ideal for the last minute bookings that seem so popular these days.

So today, I’m going to spend half the day in the bathroom getting pretty, and the other half stuffing around on the internet from the warmth of my bed, just in case the phone rings and I am called into action. Is that how everyone else who does last minute bookings does it? I don’t know, I’ve only ever done last minute bookings while on tour, where you basically check into a hotel, and hole up there for a few days doing back to back bookings, so there isn’t time to get bored. Maybe I should do that again instead of floating around the house bored out of my skull lol.

Ok, upon looking at the time, it seems I’ve already spent half the day on the internet whinging about how boring it is when you have to wait at home with no one to talk to! I’m going to have to start getting up earlier if I’m going to blog for so long lol. Have an awesome day, everyone 🙂

Lani xx


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