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I haven’t blogged in a while so I thought I would update you on whats been happening. If you’ve been following my twitter than you’ll know that I have taken up gardening in the last couple of months since I moved house. Its a very new thing for me, I’ve always left it up to other people before now. I’ve inherited a large veggie and fruit tree type garden, and I’ve planted a bunch more things in it myself, and now I just have to keep everything alive and happy for long enough to collect a harvest. If I’m honest, I just don’t want the garden to die, a lot of hard work went into it and I’d hate to be the reason for its demise.

I’m studying mindfulness at the moment as part of a fairly intensive therapy program I’m working through, and one of the core concepts is concentrating on the present moment and immersing yourself fully in what you are doing. I am finding that watering the garden and checking the progress of all my plants is very much a mindful activity, its very peaceful and serene, and its exciting to count all the growing fruits and veggies and imagine how much free food I’m going to have by the time its all ripe. Up until now I have never really seen the fascination with pottering around in the dirt, but its starting to make sense to me.

Another thing that has been keeping me busy is trying to keep track of my vagabond hound. In the last 4-5 weeks he’s escaped probably 15 times, despite new fencing being put up, despite not being allowed outside except on a leash, despite the fact that I have been watching him like a hawk. He’s been found at the movies, he’s been found at KFC, he’s been found around the corner with a nice American lady, and most notably he’s been found on 3 seperate occasions holed up in a cheap hotel room with a chihuahua and a small boy. Not even kidding, true story. He’s spent the night in doggy jail, he’s completely unrepentant, and I am fairly certain that he’ll do it again the very next chance he gets, so for the time being, boofhead is an inside dog.

As I’m trying to type, my little Shadow cat is head butting her way into my lap. She doesn’t approve of activities that tie up my hands and stop me from patting her, so blogging isn’t her favourite thing for me to do. As it happens, I’ve got a bunch of things I need to get around to doing, most of which don’t involve patting the cat, so she is out of luck. I have a fancy dinner date tonight, with a  degustation menu which should be fun. I do not however have anything to wear, so that means I need to go shopping for a cute outfit, which is what I will be doing when the rest of the world puts its pants on and gets out of bed.

Degustation is I think just a fancier way of daring your date to eat suspicious foods. I always take it as a food challenge and try a bite of everything just in case its delicious. I have been very pleasantly surprised in the past – escargot, for example, is fucking lovely. Frogs legs were quite good. Pate is delicious. I have also had to choke things down or spit things discretely into my napkin while pretending I did no such thing. For example, raw seafood. No thank you. I just can’t do it. Even some types of cooked seafood can be a bit iffy, as I didn’t grow up eating anything fishier than fish fingers. The place I am going to tonight has a seafood course which frankly looks like a culinary version of the Mud Run, but I am already steeling myself for the challenge. I will eat a bite of all the things, no matter how slimy or weird looking.

I will soon be able to bore you all to tears with gym updates as I have lined up another new personal trainer. I’ve been very slack this winter, but now that spring has sprung its time to start moving again. I’ve been digging new garden beds and walking the dogs, but apart from that I’ve not been keeping up with my fitness routine lately, theres been too much other stuff going on. My last PT I only saw twice a week which wasn’t enough, but this time I have gone back to three sessions a week, which should help me regain some of the fitness I lost while I was really sick. I do miss being ridiculously fit. It’s been a while since I have been able to do 100 burpees in one set – something Heinous Josh used to make me do more often than was kind or reasonable. Its silly how much I miss training with him considering the awful things he used to make me do.

It’s almost a reasonable hour of day, I should get ready to go shopping for that cute outfit I mentioned earlier. Please feel free to comment or ask questions, its always really nice to get some feedback. Have a wonderful day people.

Lani xx


2 Responses to “In my little garden”

  • Jay:

    So awesome seeing you back blogging again, wish I was good at gardening, everything I plant dies within a week haha. Also I would really love to see those sexy selfies back again.

  • Eccafrog:

    Good afternoon Lani, nice to see you getting interested in your garden. It will be interesting to see the plants grow and start producing something to eat. I am more into pretty plants that flower. Best wishes.xxx

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