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In which I have missed blogging properly and attempt to make amends

Once upon a time, many moons ago, I blogged regularly both to stay in touch with all my distant patrons/lovers/friends and fuckbuddies, and as a form of artistic expression, but then my mood changed, and I stopped. Today I was having a little poke around the back end of my website and saw that an anonymous someone has been reading my old blogs today, and I thought I might read them too. What I read made me laugh and cry, and helped me remember details of my life that would have otherwise been lost. For example, I blogged about my first meeting with someone who later became very special to me, she’s still very special to me, although I haven’t seen her in far too long, and I miss her face. If she ever reads this, I’d love to reconnect.

I read many blogs about my beloved Wifey, who is almost someone else’s wife these days – she’s engaged to a very punny man who treats her like a princess. She’s doing fantastically well, she has had an adorable little baby girl now, and she is still helping me with things I find frustrating or difficult. I resent him stealing my wife immensely, but apparently he has a bigger penis than I do and is more gainfully employed, and also Wifey isn’t even remotely homosexual, so I’m out of luck. I’m glad that I have this record of our time living together though.

I read comments from my friends, some of whom are still around, and some of whom have drifted away or passed away over the years. I really miss the interactions I had here on my blog, and I’d like to hear from my old friends again, maybe reconnect with people I haven’t heard from in a while, and remember the people that we’ve lost. Ah crap, I’m crying. Ugh. Seeing old comments from dead friends is not good for keeping your eyeliner where it is meant to be.

Basically, I’d like to resurrect the blog and start creating a record of where I am now in my life. Its quite different now, less chaotic, maybe less interesting, definitely less coffee (my doctors have restricted me to maximum 2 coffees a day, which I think is quite rude) and I’d like to hear what you guys think, I’d like conversations to start happening here again.

Let me know what you think.

Lani xx

5 Responses to “In which I have missed blogging properly and attempt to make amends”

  • Archie:

    It’s been far too long since we have had a good resurrection .So an angel of the Lord has come down from heaven,& rolled the stone away again?
    Goog to see you back in blogging action.

  • Eccafrog:

    Great idea Lani. I have been reading those old blogs you did when I was seeing you years ago. They were very interesting and a great way to keep people up to date. It is very nice you are still friends with “Wifey”. It was Fantastic to catch up with you again. Eccafrog

  • Wifey isn’t just my friend, she’s my soul mate. We reached adulthood together and shared a lot of our lives with each other, and we help and support each other unconditionally. I am so lucky to have her in my life, I hope she’ll always be in my life. Eccafrog, it was an absolute joy and a pleasure to see your smiling face again, let me know how that succulent cutting comes along ok?

  • haha yes, back from the dead. I’m still shaking the cobwebs off and getting into the swing of things, but I’m definitely back.

  • alias:

    Welcome back Lani! My first thought on reading this blog was “How rude of your doctors to only limit you to 2 coffees a day!” ☕️☕️😱

    But seriously it’s great you are starting to blog again. I’m sure a lot of people have missed reading your always interesting musings, whether it’d be about yourself or sex work or your opinion on topical issues & whatnot.

    Looking forward to the future blogs!! 🤗👌

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