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I have a number of reviews on the escort review forums and directories SDU and FIA. These are some of my favourites. 🙂

This is why I love my job!

To start the night we (Lani, BBT, myself and a couple other Canberra workers) headed to dinner in the City.
After a very lovely dinner and getting to know each other we headed out to Fyshwick. We stopped in at a few brothals and Canberra shows its true colours…..

Chrisindys was booked out and Kiah wasnt working…. so no fun there

We tried another studio (name is going to be left out as I am a working lady and do not want this to be seen the wrong way)

First lady walks in – off her head, holds herself up against the wall to talk to us but she was friendly. so no thanks.

Second lady walks in – Lani says hello as the Lady puts her hand up and says ‘I will talk to you in a moment, I will talk to the man first’. We piss ourselves laughing as she tries to make conversation with him.
next she turns to Lani and asks ‘how are you tonight’ We were just rudly ignored and rather pissed off, how does she think we are!!! realising this, the lady turns around and leaves.

Now from my experiences its the lady the worker needs to convince that its ok, the man will go with whoever the women chooses.

We tell managment and leave. Highly entertaining though.

As the alcohol kicks in more the next place we stop (exotic studios) Lani and I decied we really need a third girl for this evening.

The only girl that does women was a lovely say mid 20’s brunette, named Zena. This would have been her first experience with a women and since there was 2 of us, we didnt think we should unleash a horny pair of bi girls onto this young lady.

So leaving a little disapointed Lani, BBT and myself head back to the hotel. This is where the fun starts….

crack open the champas and I head off to the shower.

next thing I know the sexy little blonde joins me in the shower. we soap eachother up and Lani meets my new ‘girls’ and they get the Lani approval.

after much soap we decied we should head out of the shower, as BBT was being left out.

We both decied that it was our bunny outfits we were getting dressed in. So picture this, 2 hott blondes in sexy lingerie, bunny tails, bowties and fluffy ears. (should have taken pics…mmmm next time)


Now the pussy tricks Lani the little pocket rocket knows are amazing!!!! Lani really knows how to entertain. After BBT gave Lani her first ‘O” it was my turn.

Lani was so wet it was so hot, after eating her pussy for a bit she squirted all over my face ( I had never had this happen before with a female so after a few girly giggles I realised just how hott that was and went for another)

Then it was Lani’s turn. and she definately knows how to get a girl going….

So next we turn our attention to BBT and Lani pulls out a few more tricks.

So yes I got paid to have sex with the luscious Lani and she was definately luscious and more!!!

Thank you BBT and thank you LL.


Well having met Lani at a previous drinks night and having read some great reviews I made a conscious decision that I would see what all the fuss is about when and if I could afford it. As Lani was keen to get herself down to Melbourne for the drinks night on Friday and needed to secure a booking or two to make it possible, I decided to cobble some money together and take advantage of the special rate she provided for this weekend only. So a few PM’s later and we organized a 2 hour booking for either Saturday Evening or Sunday morning. As the Luscious one hadn’t booked any flights or anything we couldn’t finalize the details. So anyways drinks night comes and goes. There is plenty of news and gossip in the drinks night thread but I got to speak to Lani albeit very briefly and thought that as I was seeing her in a more intimate setting the following day that I would be pretty selfish to try and hog her chatting time so decided to keep drinking and enjoy the company of other forum members.

So cut to midday and I wake up, tired, a little bit hungover and punting was the last thing on my mind. So I down a couple of litres of Lemon Cordial and start to feel almost human again. So when is my booking happening I begin to wonder. Lani’s organizational skills have been a topic of much discussion on this forum but I figure patience is the best policy and she will be in touch when she can. So anyways she pops up on MSN and we figure out that Sunday morning is no good so it’s Saturday Night. Around 8:30 – 9ish. That suits me ok. So I go back to doing whatever it is one does when trying to put punting out of their mind. Get on the old wotif.com and get the hotel sorted. Then I get a message from Lani saying that she is running a little late with the previous booking and wonders if I can wait until 10ish. No worries I reply. So I eat my fish and chips, hamburger with the lot. “Mmmm I’m starting to feel human again and I think this punt might just work for me” I think to myself. So I head into the city, check myself in, have a shower and try and get my mind in the zone for the arrival of ‘The Luscious One’.


So ten rolls around and goes. I wait until 20 past and decide to call Lani’s assistant Kitty to find out where she is, as I hadn’t given Lani a number to reach me on. Kitty tells me she is about 5 minutes away. And wouldn’t you know it five minutes later there is a knock on the door. Okay, deep breath. I open the door and there is Lani, in her warm grey coat, kit bag in hand looking a bit flustered. I think it’s been a long day for her. So in she comes. Lani is a short, blonde petite and very sexy individual. She takes off her coat to reveal she is wearing quite a classy black dress with matching shoes. We have a bit of a quick chat whilst Lani sets up her laptop on the desk and puts on some mood music. Then she stops chatting and gives me a ‘come hither’ look and motions with her finger she wants me to come over there. I’m not going to argue. She tells me to ‘drop em’ I assume she’s talking about my pants so I comply once again. Health check out of the way and she asks “Tight or flowy?” “Um tight I think” I say not really understanding the question. “Clothing….” She says looking at me like I’m a big dumbass. “Oh yeah definitely tight” I reply trying to hide the nerves. Ok sorted and Lani moves into the bathroom to change. This is where I try and gather my thoughts and nerves.


Lani calls out from the bathroom “Shut your eyes and don’t open them until I say” Yes maam is the thought that goes through my head so I close my eyes. Next thing I know somebody is untying my shoes. Off they go. So do the socks. Then off go my glasses. She takes off my t-shirt. Then undoes my pants and next thing I know I’m naked. Then she puts my glasses back on. She takes me by hand, reminds me not to open my eyes walks me over in the direction of the bed. Turns me around and firmly pushes my chest so I fall onto the bed. She says I can open my eyes now. Well I open my eyes and there is Lani wearing a one piece g-string leotard and she is bent over the desk looking at her laptop and my god ladies and gents is that a sight for sore eyes. I have to mention this. Lani has the cutest little round butt you are ever likely to come across and bent over like that it is spectacular. So I’m lying there enjoying the view. Lani walks over to the bed and shows me a bit of her playful side. She enjoys smiling at you and pretending she is all innocent when you know full well that she is not.

So she comes on the bed and moves her way down for what I think might be some DFK but she stops and pulls away. She moves in a gain and pulls away. The third time our lips meet finally. Worth the wait and move into some great DFK. Then Lani stands up. She playfully pulls the top down then gets on all fours in front of me and introduces me to the wonders of crotch snap studs. WOW! A very neat shaved pussy is revealed. Off comes the leotard which she throws at me. For the ladies reading it was black satin with a sheer waist. Lani grabs an almost empty bottle of moisturizer and starts to squirt it over her chest. I have to point out you can’t wipe the smile off Lani’s face at this stage which is always a good thing. So she rubs the moisturizer in. Then she comes down for a little more DFK, a little frontal body slide action and next thing I know the CBJ starts. And I think I experienced the phenomenon which has been referred to in other reviews as the ‘Lani Special’ I don’t know how to describe it but it would be like attaching a vacuum to your penis without the health risk. From there Lani jumps into the saddle and we a have a brief cowgirl moment before Lani jumps off and says “You don’t think you’re going to get away without doing any of the work do you?” Ok. So now it’s time to step it up. I’m feeling the pressure. I hope I don’t disappoint. Start off with some more DFK, move down and explore those nice little breasts and slowly move down.

Now Lani is a giggler at the best of times. She loves to laugh and giggle and I haven’t even started yet and she is giggling like a little schoolgirl and she says she can feel my breath. What the hell am I in for here I think to myself so I decide to take the plunge and the giggling starts up again. Lani grabs my hand and puts in her mouth and says “I want you to do exactly what I’m doing to your fingers.” So I do my best to match her. I think she is enjoying this. Then she gives me my hand back and starts giving me instructions on how to do it properly. I tell you giving DATY to Lani is like eating a bowl of Rice Bubbles. Lots of ‘Snap, Crackle and Pop!” It doesn’t take very long at all and I think Lani is orgasming over and over and then it happens. My first ever squirting experience. Lani tells me to stop. Move away she needs to get her composure back. “Gee you follow instructions really well” she tells me. So I figure my job couldn’t have been half bad.

So at this point we have a bit of an intermission. Lani asks me if I would like to see her pee standing up like a guy does. Yeah why not I say. And it was quite an impressive display. Lani changes outfits. She gets me take some pics on her phone. Lani also shows me some footage of the Lady Gaga concert she went to on her phone. So after a bit of a good break Lani requests I get back on the bed. This is where the sex fun begins. We start of in position which is hard to describe but it’s like a cross between reverse cowgirl and doggie which gives me the best view ever of that great butt of hers, from there we move into a bit of a scissors action which is also pretty good.


Lani then asks me if i’ve done the ‘frozen chicken’? I haven’t heard of that one. So she lies on her back with her legs in the air. Aaagh this one I think. So we start off and like with the DATY Lani is giving me instructions which I am trying to follow as best I can. She tells me to hold her calves. I’m starting to get a real rhythm going and Lani is really getting into it too and what happens next is every punters nightmare. Lani moves her legs into a splits positions, This I wasn’t expecting so all the weight distribution gets put out of whack. This is where I hear a bit of a pop. The look on Lani’s face is of sheer horror. It is a look I will carry with me to the grave. “Ow ow ow stop stop stop” I hear. Oh my god what have I done. So I pull away and Lani appears to be in agony. “My bum, I think you broke my bum” she says. Then we hear a slight crunch. A bit different than the sound before but still not a good one. It was at this moment the reality of the situation was dawning on me. I’ve injured poor Lani. She stands up to try and stretch it out and god she’s in pain. “I’m so so sorry!” I tell her. I feel like the biggest cretin as my own oafishness has caused my punt to finish early. The pain seems to be getting worse. So Lani decides to get some advice from some old friends and jumps into chat. The first thing she types is; I’m injured. Discowes broke my ass. It was at that point despite the pain she is in, despite my horror at having hurt the poor girl we both pissed ourselves laughing literally which really took the edge off the situation.

So we Google some anatomy charts and we both make the very amateurish call that we think it was her hamstring. Poor Lani it is painful every time she walks or bends or anything. So anyways we sit back and chill out in the chat room. Lani is very generous with her time and keeps me company for a while despite the session being done and dusted due to her injury.

So to summarize. I have no idea how to summarize this punt. Upto the point of the injury I was having a first class punt. Very very enjoyable. Lani is a vixen, make no mistake about it. I think I made the comment at some point “You love your job don’t you?” So would I see Lani again? Of course, that is a stupid question to ask. I’m hoping that she can forgive me and allow me to book her again in the future but maybe she needs to get Private Health Insurance first. I feel that we have much unfinished business and I plan on finishing it if that’s ok with you Lani?


Spoke to Lani on MSN today and it turns out the pop followed by the crunch was her hip being dislocated and relocated. She tells me that she will be out of action for a round a week or so. This is great news; I think she is going to be ok.

My first threesome with these two ladies by my own admission was one that was going to be hard to beat. These two really hit it off the first time they met and it just seemed so logical that if I was going to go one better this year then they would be the ones to do it. With that in mind I started planning for an overnighter with both Lani and Portia. 2 ladies me and a whole night… what the fuck have I signed up for!!!!

The day of the big event arrived and for me, my day could not have gotten off to a better start. A phone call from some work colleagues and I was off to mens gallery for a luncheon that went for 5 hours. It would have probably gone longer but I had two very important people to pick up so I excused myself from the group, jumped into my car and headed of to pick up the girls. Portia was first and she had the biggest grin on her face as my car pulled into our designated meeting spot. We exchanged a lovely warm kiss before heading off to the airport where Lani was arriving from her adelaide trip. Lani hopped into the car and the girls were instantly DFKing each other.

I dropped the girls off out the front of the hotel and went to park the car while they checked in. When I arrived we had Nick the Bellboy showed us to our suite. The suite was a lovely split level type setup with kitchen and dining room downstairs. Upstairs was a huge bed along with the bathroom. From upstairs you could look down to the lounge / dining area below. As we walked in Lani noticed the sofa bed had been unfolded and made up in the lounge room. Her first reaction was “oh i didnt realise this was the bed”. Nick the bellboy informed Lani that the bed was actually upstairs and that this was the sofa bed that had been made as the room was booked for three adults. Lani just looked at him and with the straightest face said “Oh its ok we dont need that one made up. Can you fold it up for us please?” Watching the penny drop in Nicks mind and seeing the expression on his face as he realised the nature of our stay was absolute GOLD!!!! No sooner had the sofa bed been folded away and Nick left the room. Lani and Portia were on the couch tearing each others clothes off. I had promised the girls some alone time so I went upstairs to have a shower and freshen up.

I had only been in the shower for a matter of minutes when I noticed the girls giggling rather loudly. I looked out of the shower to see them both naked on the bed, Portia was between Lani’s legs going to town on her. Lani was giving me some really dirty looks. She was loving it. I finished up my shower and hopped out. Portia proceeded to give me a great blowjob while Lani had her shower then they swapped and Lani took over while Portia showered. Now the 3 of us were clean we jumped on the bed and it was a tangled web of legs and arms with cock in mouth and toungue in pussy for the next few minutes until we were interupted by a knock at the door. Oh thats right we had ordered dinner!!! Damn it….

I was sitting on the couch after dinner in my towel watching the girls pull out what seemed like an entire sex shop from there bags, Dildo’s, vibrators, anal beads, butt plugs, rope, almost a litre of pjur lube you name it they had it. Portia had warned me I was going to be violated that night and she was true to her word. After emptying their bags Lani made her way over to the couch undid my towel and again started to give me another blow job, this time Portia got in on the act, licking and sucking my balls. Things were getting really heated so we adjourned upstairs with their bags of goodies. Lani and I pinned Portia down. Lani dived between her legs and started to give her some great oral while I was sucking on her nipples. Meanwhile Portia was massaging my cock. Lani dove into her bag and pulled out one of her latest toys. I have named it “the hummingbird” simply because they clit stimulator was moulded to look like one. This dildo looked mean. It had ball bearings, bumps, ridges, it wiggled and flashed and had about 4 speeds. I think they were;

1. WOW!
3. JESUS!!!

Well suffice to say Lani took to Portia with this dildo and practically raped her with it. It started out slowly with gentle stimulation on WOW!, which then quickly escalated into HOLY SHIT as Portia began to get into a rythm. I think we made it to JESUS just before Portia exploded into a violent orgasm bucking and twitching. Her body was spasaming out of control. Well we hadn’t finished so we pinned her down, Lani turned on all the bells and whistles cranked it up to HOLD ONTO YOUR CLIT BABY, inserted the dildo into Portia’s wet pussy while I exposed her clit so the humming bird could do its job. I have no idea how many times portia came but we were unrelentless and she was punished for almost 5 mins like this. When we had finished with her she was a quivering mess on the bed with a massive wet patch between her legs and honestly she was still spasming 30 minutes later. 3 hours after that her clit was still ultra sensitive that when I went down on her I could feel her clit swell like a beach ball inside my mouth.

After some recovery and some light foreplay and general chit chat it was time for revenge. Portia pulled out her rope, we moved the bed over to the balcony so we could tie Lani up. We bound her hands so that she was at the mercy of us. Once again the humming bird was called upon and for those who have had the pleasure of fucking Lani and seeing her body contort and writhe during her many orgasms you will understand why we tied her up. Unleashed this woman could do some serious damage and holding her down just didnt let me have as much fun as I wanted. Portia fucked Lani with the humming bird while she sucked my cock. As Lani reached boiling point I pinned down her hips and exposed her clit while the humming bird did its work. Lani stopped breathing there for a while. her whole body went a shade of scarlett. Portia and I had thought we had broken her. Just as we removed the dildo from inside Lani, Lani managed to escape the rope binding her together and she began vigorously rubbing herself. Both Portia and I watched in awe as Lani squirted like a porn star onto the sheets.

One thing that amazes me is the recovery time that Lani has. I swear it had only been 5 mins after that brutal attack on her by portia and she was ready to go again. Begging me to fuck her. I happily obliged and while I did this Portia took the liberty of diving between our legs and offering a helping tongue. cloud9.gif

Well my number was up and the girls had a treat instore for me. Now it may not be everyones cup of tea but anal stimulation during sex IMO makes your orgasms increase exponentially in their intensity. Portia has been introducing me to the wonders of a world I had never really given much thought to. I think that in order to really enjoy it you need to be able to trust the person you are with completley so that you can relax and just enjoy. I put myself at the mercy of these two fine young ladies knowing that what I was about to recieve would be something totally amazing. Eggsy was able to sum it up in his review and I would be hard pressed to put it better in my own words. So eggsy thanks for doing the leg work mate. Lani had brought a black double ended dildo which after Portia had relaxed me with some nice work with her butt plug, Lani proceeded to insert the bulbus end inside of me. once all was in position she hopped onto the other end and began riding it. Portia then proceeded to suck my cock.

It was the hottest this I have ever seen or done It felt amazing, looked like we were in a porno and gents if it is your thing or something you might consider I’d recommend it for sure. things were really heating up for me and soon the double ended dildo was discarded. Portia was between my legs sucking my balls and rimming me while Lani gave me the hardest hand job I have eveer had. Normally pulling dick with that much ferocity would be painful but I was so horny, the girls were going off and it felt so damn good. Obviously it looked hot cause Lani was that turned on she was bucking on the bed so her clit could rub on the sheets. As the first orgasm came it felt like an explosion Portia said I went cross eyed ( i have no idea cause my eyes must have shut down. i was in another world…) my body contracted and spasmed… Lani was still jerking away with a passion. Thats when the second orgasm hit. Still blinded by the first all I feel was my stomach get all warm, i could hear the girls gasping. Apparently it had been a very very big load. It had covered my chest and lani looked like she had dipped her hand in youghurt. But what I was feeling was fucking sensational. I couldnt move a muscle.

It was 5am by the time we were ready to sleep. We had arrived at the hotel around 7 and apart from the dinner break the rest of the time was spent engaging in all sorts of fun. These were no doubt the highlights of my night and they are fond memories that will stay with me. Lani thankyou so much for making the special trip back from adelaide for one night before jetting off to perththe next day. Portia, you are one amazing lady and I hope that you had you enjoyed the night as much as I did.

The Luscious Times
Fair, Balanced & Unbiased….Totally!

By W. de Worde

A VOYEUR has witnessed what he describes as one of the most erotic sexual games that he has seen in his many years of voyeurism. The man, known as Tom, has given The Luscious Times an exclusive and revealing account of what he saw.

“I caught sight of a petite blonde woman through the bedroom window. So I took out my new binoculars, the Oriel 7 (which by the way provides a vast superior zooming and viewing experience than its predecessor the Oriel Vista) to have a bit of a perv. Well I can tell you that my Woody Woodpecker almost tore a gaping hole in my trousers when I saw that the woman was none other than the famed Luscious Lani! But that feeling subsided a little when I saw the quite ordinary (and naked) bloke that was about to be subjected to The Lani Experience – he is one lucky bastard!” mused Tom.

“Anyway Lani ties the bloke’s hands behind his back with a set of pink rope wrist cuffs and then puts on a matching pink eyeshade over his eyes. As he stood blind, tied and naked in the middle of the bedroom, Lani started to randomly attack him with tender kisses, long wet licks and deep sucks over various parts of his body. It must have been quite an electrifying experience as you could almost see the tingles shooting up his spine! In the midst of delivering this dose of pleasure, Lani slowly stripped out of her corporate attire – first went the red cardigan, followed by her white blouse with black dots, black skirt and finally her white with black dots bra and panties. Then before he knew what hit him, it was on with the raincoat and the lucky bastard was enjoying the much fabled The Lani Special, complete with delicate tongue swirls over the head and a combination of deep-throat and hand-on-shaft-while-sucking-head manoeuvre.”

After a short pause, Tom continues. “Lani then removed the eyeshades and pushed the bloke (with his hands still tied behind his back) onto the bed. She then seductively crawled on top of him for some full-on body-to-body contact and DFK before straddling him and riding him cowgirl. Soon after, Lani performed yet another of her illustrious tricks: The Disco Stick Swivel, whereby Lani spins from cowgirl to reverse cowgirl without dismounting from said stick. At this point it must be said that the sight of Lani bouncing up and down is a sight to behold and if the bloke’s facial expressions are anything to go by, Lani’s gyrating movements must be an eye-popping sensation to say the least! But Lani wasn’t done with the tricks just yet. She managed to move herself and the bloke from reverse cowgirl to stand-up doggie without decoupling – no mean feat considering that the bloke was rendered useless with his hands tied up and not being able to assist at all!”

“A short time later, the roles were reversed and Lani was lying on the bed with her hands tied above her head and wearing the eyeshades” said Tom. “The bloke then took a mouthful of what I believe was warm water and attempted to give Lani some pleasure with his own version of “Fire & Ice” (sans Ice). Since imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, the bloke decided to try and reciprocate what Lani did earlier by haphazardly kissing, sucking and licking all over her body while having a mouthful of water. I think it’s safe to say he could have done with a lot more practice!” chuckles Tom. “Not surprisingly the bloke soon ventured down south for some DATY and clearly was enjoying himself as he somehow managed to bring Lani to a climax.”

“A moment later, Lani squeezed her perky C cup boobies invitingly at the bloke and it doesn’t take Einstein to work out what was being offered” Tom utters conversationally. “Just looking at the sultry look Lani was giving him as he treated himself to some Spanish would have been enough to make you collapse from sensory overload, let alone being on the receiving end! It wasn’t too long before the bloke succumbed to both the visual and physical delights in front of him and brought about an end to proceedings – leaving a somewhat visible trail behind” Tom concluded.

The Luscious Times understands that since our interview with Tom, he has kept a window-side vigil hoping for an encore performance. You can’t help but feel he will get his wish sooner rather than later.


By J. Doe

I LOVE chocolate. I also love vodka. I especially love sex. Each on its own is extremely appealing. But imagine if there was the opportunity to combine all three things together. I was fortunate enough to have this imagination become reality on one glorious afternoon.

Of course, it will come as no surprise that the person responsible for giving me this unforgettable moment was the delectable Lani. I had earlier stumbled across something in the shops called “Vodka Shots”, which were dark chocolates filled with a shot of vodka. This sounded like quite a delicious mix so I decided to buy one bottle to share with Lani.

We both sampled one of the chocolates and sure enough, the vodka leaked into your mouth as soon as you took a bite of the chocolate. As yummy as that was, nothing could have prepared me for what was to follow. Lani unwrapped another chocolate, placed it in her mouth, advanced seductively towards me and pressed her lips firmly onto mine as we both bit off half a chocolate while at the same time commenced a bout of passionate DFK. It didn’t take long for both our faces to be smeared in chocolate as we continued to DFK like two hungry animals devouring its prey. It is fair to say that it was the most carnal DFK experience I have ever been involved in!!!

Next Lani decided to “accidentally” leave traces of chocolate over other parts of my body which she then expertly cleaned up with her tongue and mouth. The best way to describe the sensations as she was doing this would be to say that it sent electrifying signals racing through all the nerves in my body simultaneously!

If there was a moment in time that I could bottle up forever, that moment would be what I am about to describe. Lani reached out for yet another vodka shot chocolate, looked at me with her suggestive deep-blue eyes and cheeky smile, and then popped the chocolate inside her sweet little honey pot!!! She then straddled my face and like the obedient boy that I am, I went about retrieving my treat with my mouth and tongue. The taste of melting chocolate, lemon vodka and moist honey pot juice was simply mouth-watering (and thinking about it even now makes me wanting more!) Predictably, this has left quite a bit of mess and so I laid Lani on her back and removed the stray traces of chocolate from the inside of her legs before settling in for some extended DATY in an attempt to extract the remaining chocolate from deep inside Lani’s honey pot. But it seems my days as a cleaner might be numbered as when I was done, Lani did a double-check with her fingers to find that there was still plenty of melted chocolate left inside the honey pot. (OK, I admit I lack a Gene Simmons-like tongue, which would have helped immensely in this situation, but I did give it my best shot!).

Seeing that Plan A did not quite do the trick, it was time for Plan B which involved Junior coming to the rescue. So it was on with Junior’s superhero outfit and then Lani climbed onboard for some rollicking cowgirl action! Perhaps I was still on a high from the previous activities, but I decided that I wasn’t going to take this cowgirl lying down. So I sat up in order to allow myself the additional joys of sucking on Lani’s lovely breasts and instigating further doses of DFK. Given the state of arousal I was already in, it didn’t take too long for Junior to submit to the movements of Cowgirl Lani. Nevertheless, the ride was a success as we discovered that Junior’s superhero outfit was now completely covered in melted chocolate!

So thank you Lani for giving me an experience I will never forget and one that I will always remember as “My Messy, Melting Mauling”!


A ROOM Service staff member at a Sydney hotel had inadvertently found herself in an awkward situation as she got more than she bargained for while going about her duties. The Luscious Times’ Alecia Moore managed to score this exclusive interview with Mary A, the Room Service staff in question.

The Luscious Times: Can you start by telling us what happened on that eventful day?
Mary A: I was just delivering some complimentary champagne and chocolate-coated strawberries up to the room, which was a nice to way to get the party started I suppose. I knocked on the door but there was no answer, so I did what most girls would do in a similar situation and let myself in to put down the treats, assuming that the guests were not in the room.

TLT: But they were in the room weren’t they?
MA: Well if I had a crystal ball then perhaps I would have known that! But there was lingerie scattered all across the room and I heard some laughter coming from the upstairs bathroom, so I decided to see what was going on.

TLT: Um, isn’t that a bit unethical to be snooping around like that?
MA: So what? I did it cuz I can! Besides I now get to share this story with your readers!

TLT: OK, so can you tell us who the guests were?
MA: I have no idea who the guy was, but I can tell you that the woman was the one and only Luscious Lani!

TLT: Fantastic! So without any further ado, can you please describe for us what went on between Luscious Lani and….let’s call him “Mr A”?
MA: Well the spa was running and Mr A was already in there and enjoying the view. And what a view it was! There was Lani, looking ravishing in nothing but her birthday suit, standing with one foot in the spa and the other on the edge of it. Lani then gave him a very intimate demonstration of her masturbation skills which can only be described as hotter than peri-peri sauce!! Just seeing the look on Mr A’s face while this was happening and especially as Lani reached her orgasm says plenty about how entranced he was by this one-woman show (and to be honest I can’t blame the guy)!

TLT: Wow, that sounds like pretty hot stuff! Were there any more antics?
MA: There sure was! Lani motioned for Mr A to sit on the edge of the spa. Then she got in, seamlessly slipped on the necessary protection and commenced giving Mr A the renowned The Lani Special. From where I was I could see that Lani enjoyed teasing Mr A immensely with her various techniques and Mr A was quivering in total delight every time Lani went down to lick and suck his balls! The Lani Special was then administered in several other positions. The one that remains etched in my mind was when Mr A was standing up, propping himself up with his hands against the wall as Lani went into deep-throat mode. That not only drew endless moans of pleasure from Mr A, but I could see that his knees were about to buckle at any given moment. It is a wonder that he managed to stay upright for any given period of time during this oral onslaught!!

The grand finale to the shenanigans was a flying visit to Spain via the impressive twin peaks of Mount Lushuvious. With the continuous sensual commentary courtesy of Captain Lani, it didn’t take long for Mr A to unload his cargo just as he was coming in for the landing. What a way to end a hot and steamy romp!!


By M. Tyler

LUSCIOUS UNITED captain Lani has produced a scintillating performance to lead her team to an emphatic victory over the hapless The A Team in the Australian Shaggers League overnight.

The virtuoso performance from Lani began in the pre-match coin toss, where she decided to engage in an eye-catching warm up ritual with the opposition captain Alias, by giving him a sensual back massage. Lani took great delight in rubbing cream all over Alias’s back and delicately tracing her fingers up and down and all around his back and nether regions in an attempt to drain the blood from his big head to his little head.

Once on the pitch, The A Team skipper was left in la-la land against his opposite number. Lani had Alias literally on his hands and knees in the traditional doggie position. She then danced her way behind him, ducked underneath the hood in order to give the two match balls and surrounding areas a good lick and suck. Then in a moment of sheer blindness, the referee and linesmen miss several blatant handballs from Lani as Alias was left exposed to the expert and delicate hands of The Luscious One as she fondled, tugged and caressed Junior and the match balls. But there was to be no respite for Alias as in the twinkling of an eye, Lani had brought out her signature move – The Lani Special. It took a great effort from the Luscious United defence to prevent Alias from opening the scoring on the stroke of half time.

The near-miss on goal was enough to spur Lani to even greater heights in the second half. She began with an almighty sliding tackle which resulted in a 69 tussle with Alias on top for once. Presented with a rare attacking opportunity, Alias became inspired and marshalled his troops in attack with the DATY formation, while Lani countered with some telling “headers” of her own. However the focus on attack left a gaping hole in The A Team’s defence and as a result Lani punished Alias with several quick goals in a short period of time. Undeterred by the flurry of goals, The A Team maintained the old adage of “attack being the best form of defence” with Alias leading the charge by chasing Lani around the park and giving her vajayjay some finger action. This resulted in Lani sneaking in yet another goal to take Luscious United to an unbeatable lead.

As the clock wound down and perhaps feeling a little bit sorry for her opposite number, Lani told Alias to sit on the edge of the pitch as she put a “bandage” on Junior and then climbed on top of him. It was at this point that Lani also decided on a slightly delayed post-goals celebration by stripping off her Away uniform (a nice silver frilly negligee) to allow Alias the pleasure of getting a mouthful or two of her tasty tatas! In what can be called her own version of the mercy rule, Lani looked Alias in the eye and demanded him to tell her to “fuck him hard”. Alias could do nothing but obey and right on cue Lani proceeded to buck and grind her hips in the way only she can and Alias was able to score a consolation goal just as the full-time whistle blew. A post-match kiss completed a highly entertaining game played in the cheeky and naughty spirit which epitomises what shagging is all about!



LUSCIOUS LANI is a name that is synonymous with fun and giggles. It is almost impossible to spend any amount of time with Lani and come out the other side without feeling light-headed and stuffed from the pocket rocket-powered shagging or not having your sides aching from laughter at her jokes and gags. Lani’s creativity in the bedroom is up there with the very best and she has this amazing ability to come up with new, fun and exciting games to play each and every time. But above everything else, the one outstanding quality about Lani is that she prides herself on making your time with her all about YOU!

The following is one of many verses that can be attributed to The Luscious One:

“Lordy, Lordy, Lordy!
I can’t help it I like to party, it’s genetic!
It’s electrifying, wind me up and watch me go
Where she stops, nobody knows
A good excuse to be a bad influence on you”

So readers you have been warned. Luscious Lani can be a “bad influence” on you. She is so bad that she will keep you coming back for more. In fact, she is so bad that every moment you spend with her is definitely going to be a “Feel Good Time”.

After having seen Lani at her place of stay the last three times I had seen her, I felt it was time for a change of scenery. So I decided to get a room for the night at a city hotel, and met Lani down in the restaurant/bar area just after 7:00 on a warm Adelaide summer’s night. We quickly headed back up to my room and soon embraced for a nice kiss by the couch. I felt myself getting hard and Lani cheekily asked me to drop my pants, and then reached over into her bag and pulled out a condom. With that on she started giving me a brief but fantastic blowjob. Lani then motioned for us to head over to the bed.

“Quickie before dinner?” says she.

“Yeah,” says I, not trying to look too eager at all.

She was naked almost as soon as I replied, as her green dress slid off and I pulled the strings of her bikini top. My clothes were now gone too so Lani kept giving me a blowjob for awhile, and then sat herself down on top of me to go into cowgirl. This position seems to really work with the two of us and after awhile, I felt her cumming and soon squirting on me to the sound of squeals and moans. There were so many stains on the bed. I fingered her for awhile and played with her clit with my thumb until I penetrated again. We continued in other various positions that I can’t remember, including the frozen chicken! But unlike some people there was no injuries to be had this time, so I was able to keep going back down into missionary, until I felt myself cumming. Or so I thought, anyway. Later Lani told me I may have had a tantric orgasm, for there was no cum in the condom, but to me it felt like all the others and it had never happened before. I’m still confused if it was a good thing or not though.

Our “quickie” before dinner had actually almost been going for an hour and we were both quite hungry. In the fun on the bed I had somewhat ruined Lani’s hair and I don’t think she wanted to go anywhere too public because of it, so we tossed up just getting room service, but then decided to go somewhere low-key and close by for dinner. I was meant to do this last time I saw her but circumstances prevented it, and I was rather excited about sitting down with her for a meal. I like talking to Lani – our conversation is fun and carefree – and we were talking for ages over dinner and after. We walked back over to the hotel and kept talking for awhile, shared a coffee and then surfed the net for a bit, but I was getting horny again. I put it to her in the most subtle of ways.

“I have a suggestion. Sex,” I said with a nod.

“Good idea,” she says with a cheeky grin.

We just kissed for awhile this time instead of getting straight into it. When I say for awhile, it really was for ages. In my experience with her Lani can be wild and passionate as well as soft and sensual, and this time it was the latter. Our kissing was soft and sensual, kissing each other’s necks and sucking on each other’s ears, and tracing tongues and fingers over each other. I then spent some time playing with and sucking on her breasts, kissed my way down the rest of her body and ran my tongue over her thighs until I came to her pussy. Oh, how I love this part. I was delicate and soft with my tongue and just ran it up and down her clit, from side to side and in circles until I felt Lani starting to shudder and shake. I moved my tongue inside and kept massaging her with my finger and thumb and then she grabbed the back of my head to hold me there. I kept my tongue straight so she could grind herself across me and then she came pretty hard, squealing “oh shit!” over and over. That was fun.

Lani then put a condom on me and gave me another blowjob, deep throating as often as she could. Laying on her side I started spooning her and pulled myself inside until we switched into an “L” shaped position, I don’t know what it’s called. Lani then asked me what position I wanted to fuck in and I wanted to do doggie, as it’s my favourite position. We had been avoiding it for most of the night because I had an incident at work during the day and had taken most of the skin off the top of my knee. Nevertheless, we persevered and the feeling of being inside her again quickly made me forget about my knee. There was also a mirror next to the bed and we had to make use of that, so Lani stood up and I stood behind her and entered her again.

It’s a great sight looking at yourself like this and I could have stayed there for a lot longer than I did, but I felt my legs getting tired. We had also forgot to put music on and the banging of the headboard against the wall made me not want hotel management to knock on the door while I was fucking her, so we went back into missionary. I alternated my strokes from long and deep to fast and repetitious, until I started feeling it, and then I came for the second time of the night. I didn’t want to move after and just laid there on top of her for a bit, until I staggered my way into the bathroom to clean up.

Lani and I spent the rest of the time together talking and relaxing and watching TV. She even let me put the Arsenal match on and watched brief bits with me as she prepared to go. I wish I was able to keep her with me longer, but maybe that’s for another time. I walked her down to the street below until a taxi arrived and then kissed her goodbye, knowing that it was probably the last time I would get to see this amazing girl this year. As I watched her taxi drive off I thought to myself, bring on 2010! I’ll see you then Lani.

So continuing my quest to finally getting around to seeing all the lovely ladies that I have been talking about seeing, I took advantage of Lani’s absolutely ridiculous Happy hour special and arranged to see her for three hours. On the day of our booking I rang to confirm the details and Lani suggested seeing as how humid it was up in Newcastle I should bring my boardies and we could go for a swim. I thought this was an excellent idea and a fun little touch on a booking, plus who wouldn’t want to be seen with Lani in a bikini ( a very cute, very tiny, black one by the way).

So needing to drive up the freeway and cutting things a bit fine I got myself organised, made a quick pit-stop to buy flowers and get petrol and was on my way. Or at least so I thought until I hit some of the worst traffic I have seen in ages just trying to get on the freeway. A friend, who incidentally tried to jinx me again, suggested the only reason there was traffic at all was that I wanted to get some, but I digress. So running late, which I hate to be and roaring up the freeway Lani calls me to let me know she is running late as well, phew. She also checks that I have the right directions, which I do. However, it is this consideration on Lani’s part that is actually why I booked her, that and she is awfully pretty. You see as I discussed later that day with Lani, I don’t really book girls based on reviews, in fact while I have had hearty recommendations to see Lani, they were after I had already decided I wanted to see her, hell I have only ever skimmed one Lani review (the Luscious Times).

I had been interested in Lani since the first time I met her at a Sydney drinks night, but I decided I needed to book her at the Melbourne drinks night on the Sunday night, when Lani invited me to dinner instead of me sitting around a hotel room alone, whilst my erstwhile companions were busy working. I am not sure she realises just how much I appreciated that thoughtful gesture on her part.

In the end we both arrived pretty much at the same time which worked out well. She looked lovely in a long flowing dress as I greeted her and being a big, strong slaveboy I helped lug her things into the hotel. Both of us were hungry so we headed out to get some food first and chat and catch up a little. After satisfying the more pressing need of eating it was time for other needs where we headed back to the room. Lani had brought her computer so we could listen to some music and we also looked at some pictures including the new shoot for titillation. Yes, the irony of looking at pictures of Lani while the real thing was sitting in a bikini next to me is not lost on me.

While definitely being comfortable with each other and getting along famously, it was like having explicitly seen each other in a purely social setting and knowing we were going to have sex, we were both hesitant to make the first move. The shower fixed that as it was one of those excellent ones where it is huge with two shower heads so we could both shower at once. With a little prompting from Lani, I was soon eagerly kissing her whilst we soaped each other up. Lani has very kissable lips.

After a quick dry and the scary sight of a pink collar, that thankfully would never fit me, we headed to the bed. Lani asked if I liked massages and I volunteered that I like to both receive and give them at which point Lani quickly laid down on her stomach. I enjoyed running my hands all over that petite, toned body especially that cute bum of hers that we all like so much and Lani, gave me a couple of good new tips, that I look forward to using on certain ladies in the near future. Eventually it was my turn and I received a much sexier massage in return, even if I did cop the odd spank for reacting to being tickled and trying to turn over too soon.

I was finally allowed to turn over but clearly I had not behaved myself to Lani’s satisfaction as I found myself in rope handcuffs, with my hands behind my head and a blindfold. I was then subjected to fleeting kisses and teasing all over touches as she rubbed herself all over my body. Of course I was an exceptionally bad captive, constantly peeking, pulling her closer for prolonged kisses, wrapping my arms around her so I could touch her and escaping my bonds, which, along with the blindfold I threw away so that I could take back at least some control, whereupon I kissed and touched Lani the way I wanted to.

Lani then showed me her exceptional skill at putting on a condom without hands by deepthroating it onto me. She then proceeded to lick my shaft all over in between sexily spitting on my cock and more deep throat. After this she rolled over for us to have sex, but I was having none of that. I have a rep to maintain after all and I wanted to exert some more control so I told her we weren’t having sex even though she wanted to, until I had tasted her. I kissed my way down Lani’s delightful body to her sweet lips and hungrily devoured her. Lani began to swear and writhe sometimes squirming so much it was hard to work but in the end I was rewarded with sexy girl cum squirted all over my lips.

Lani then decreed that it was now my turn again and with a sexy touch and a quick condom change Lani was on top. We then fucked and fucked and fucked. We kissed and caressed each other as Lani gyrated on top of me, even as I eagerly pushed back against her. Our breathing grew more excited but Lani was not done with me as she expertly manoeuvred us from cowgirl to doggy without breaking contact, something I had not believed I was able to do. We then got right back into it, this time with me doing the work as Lani begged me to keep going, which trust me took a lot of mental trickery to achieve, I had been close for a long time, but I was really, really enjoying myself. Surrender was of course inevitable and we both collapsed in a wet, sticky, wonderful, sweaty mess. For a while all we could do is just lay there touching before both rolling off the bed to clean up. At this point I discovered she really had made me weak at the knees as I could barely walk. It really had been an extended session of play, much longer than I usually indulge in. I do so love trying out something new and different.

We rested up with a drink and a snack and another chat during which Lani regaled me with her lovely singing voice and the very clever little song she had written and before I knew it 4 very enjoyable hours had passed, well over the time booked and it was time to say goodbye. We got dressed, kissed lingeringly goodbye and it was time to head home.

I never did get that swim, but I really did not mind.

It has been just over a year since I met Lani. We 1st met at the Grosvenor in Collingwood on one of her 1st Melbourne tours, I remember her being tiny, very friendly, very willing to indulge me in some of my twisted pleasures and most of all she was heaps of fun to be around.

I made sure to book another hour her next visit to the Grosvenor and I was officially hooked. Her next visit signaled her 1st tour as a private escort in Melbourne. I made a booking for a few hours and the whole Lani experience just went up about 1000 notches. I had found a regular and a future friend, someone who was the perfect combination of sexy, very intelligent, caring and insane amounts of fun to be around.

Eventually I graduated up to what I thought was the ultimate in escort experiences, a Lani overnighter. But as fun and amazing as an overnighter with Lani is, what I just experienced with her last weekend is sooo much better.

I had been planning and saving for this event for quite a while. A full weekend with Lani in Sydney with a double thrown in during proceedings. I should’ve expected it but in typical Lani fashion she surprised me with an irresistible offer that I could not refuse..

The 2 days started out in a bit of a rush, earlier in the day I was at Acer Arena watching the UFC’s debut in Australia, Little did I know how much of a royal pain in the ass it would be to get back to the city. Lani was also having her own troubles on her trip from Newcastle due to Chinese New Year shutting down half of Sydney’s CBD. I finally arrived at the hotel at about 8pm, just as I arrived I received a call from Lani saying she was just around the corner. So after a grand total of about a minute in the room (I hadn’t even checked out the bed yet!!) I was back down stairs to greet Lani.

We jumped back in the elevator and headed up to the room and just hung out for a while, Lani had a proposal for me, Instead of spending 2 days in Sydney, a town we are both not very familiar with, why not take a road trip up to Newcastle and get the sexy tour guide experience from Lani ?? After pondering for about .2 of a second I said yes, so we quickly got online and booked a very nice ocean view room. But we had urgent matters to attend to before we made that trip…

We both jumped in the shower and made ourselves respectable for the imminent arrival of Hannah, I won’t go into too much detail in this review but it was an awesome way to kick off the booking and I definitely want to make it happen again ASAP.

So after the beautiful Hannah left our company we hopped in a taxi and made our way to where Lani had her car parked. We were both starving so a glamorous meal at the maccas drive thru was in order on the way, it was a fun trip, Lots of laughs and never a dull moment the whole drive.

We finally arrived in Newcastle quite late, I don’t even remember the time it was that late. We checked in at the hotel and both just collapsed on the bed out of tiredness, the long drive had definitely taken it out of us….. oh and 2 hours with Hannah So we snuggled up and we drifted off to sleep. I remember thinking how awesome this moment was, Not only was I spooning with a gorgeous woman, But the thought also occurred that in the overnighters I’ve had in the past, the point where you fall asleep represented the main chunk of the booking being over, but this time we had well over 24 hours of fun ahead of us…

On the drive from Sydney to Newcastle it was pitch black so essentially I had no idea of where I was or what it looked like, But I was pleasantly surprised by what I woke up to, There of course was Lani, who even though she might say the opposite, still looks sexy as hell the second she wakes up, and the amazing view from our balcony, A beautiful twisting coastline, cliffs in the distance and semi naked people on the beach..

After we regained our consciousness we took a quick walk to a nice little cafe on the beach for breakfast and Lani’s obligatory morning coffee. We sat and had a perve on all the passers by in their bikini’s and boardies, I could begin to see why Lani loves Newcastle so much

We headed back to the room for some fun, Lani was 1st as usual 😛 But I am always more than happy to indulge in some daty on Lani, I know she loves it and I love it too, and the best part is.. If you are good at it she will repay you 100 fold, and that is definitely what she did for me in this session and every single other one over the trip.

Sex with Lani is so great on so many levels, She’s very passionate, very intense, she knows what she wants and what you want. I’m at the point where I don’t have to actually ask her to do something because she knows what I like and how I like it. She knows how to get lil eggs really excited, she knows I love her to spit all over my cock, she knows I love the feeling of her hair on my body, she knows I love deep throat and she knows I love it in the ass 😛

After we both had our fun we jumped in the car and I received the full tour experience from Lani, She showed me around the beaches, The town, The landmarks, And all in Lani’s very unique style, We stopped off for lunch and Lani and her devious mind had an idea about finding a nice public yet private spot for us to shag, so we headed off for a few locations, 1st we tried a car park at a park Lani is familiar with but unfortunately for us there were people around. Then we made our way to bush land which was going to be perfect… until we stepped out of the car and begun being savaged by mozzies.. Sex can’t be too much fun when you are being stung every 10 seconds incase you didn’t know.

Next time some we will bring aero guard with the condoms and lube.

We decided on one last attempt, So we headed down to the beach just as the sun was setting. A beautiful sight on a perfect day. We made our way along the beach to a less frequented area and found a nice little spot behind some large rocks…

We laid out the towels, stripped off and it was on  There definitely was a certain thrill running through my body as we starting to kiss, But slowly I just began to forget where we even were and it was all about Lani and I. Lani laid down on the towels and I dove right in for some delicious head, I could hear Lani’s controlled moans of pleasure and she was getting closer and closer to the brink of orgasm, but something was stopping her and I knew exactly what it was.

Those bloody mozzies again!!

Mozzies must hate sex because they realllly didn’t want us having any. Unfortunately we just couldn’t handle it anymore so we had to give up and head back to the room.

Maybe next time I’ll bring a few bottles of aero guard just to be certain..

When we got back to the car Lani asked if I wanted to get some dinner 1st or go back to the room, I was soooo worked up and horny that the question was simple… Room. Sex. Now. I couldn’t really form complex sentences as blood had been rushing to other parts of my body for a little while now.

So we got back into the room and it was instantly on for young and old, and NO BLOODY MOZZIES….

The itch was scratched so to speak and we took a drive to go find a place to grab some dinner, On the way we swung by the red light district of Newcastle.. The place has a surprising amount of brothels for a town of its size, But who needs brothels when you are with Lani anyway  Oh and the streetwalkers in Newcastle are just lovely and charming women…… not..

So after dinner we headed back to the room to spend the rest of the night having a laugh, having sex and just having a whole lot of fun.

The next morning we awoke and headed down to the same café for more of the brekky and perve combo. We would have to leave Newcastle before midday if I was to make my flight home so time was scarce, So we walked back to the hotel for 1 last round..

This part of the whole weekend really stands out to me, and for 1 reason only. The sex was great as it always is with Lani, But there is one image burned into my mind, It was just so fucking erotic and sexy I don’t think I will ever forget it.

We had been fucking like crazy, Lani was on top of me in cowgirl and she was getting closer and closer to orgasming. I could see her just totally in the moment, nothing was more important in the world than her cumming, she screamed for me to cum with her, we both picked up the pace and we both got closer and closer to the edge, I felt her pussy squeezing on my cock and her moans getting louder and louder, I was seconds from cumming and so was she, finally she let out a scream of pleasure as we both came at precisely the same time.

She raised her hips and what I then saw was something I will never forget, The look of absolute satisfaction on Lani’s face, her body quivering in ecstasy and her pussy literally dripping onto my cock….

I won’t forget that in a hurry…

And I won’t forget this whole experience either.

I am already saving for the next time I get to visit Lani and this time I’ll be flying straight to Newcastle. It is a beautiful place and who could ask for a better tour guide than Lani. My only problem is that now I’ve experienced a weekend, I want more of it and money doesn’t grow on trees!! But good things come to those who wait..… Oh and I won’t forget the bloody aero guard either..

I met Lani a couple of weeks ago when she was down in Melbourne. She describes herself as the Squirting Queen, so I was very excited to meet her.

She arrived, a bit late but no fault of her own, and I think that may have prompted her to get down and get dirty very quickly. She is a tiny thing, only about 5ft, but a pocket rocket and bounces all around the room with great infectious enthusiasm. Very pretty, great body, incredibly sexy.

After the formalities we started by having a shower together. In no time I was fingering her and could feel a mighty orgasm building up inside her. Sure enough she came, screaming and shaking. God what a turn on. Then off to the bed where the enjoyment continued. More fingering hit the spot and she squirted once more, giving me very clear and ever more urgent instructions how to please her. Crikey what a girl. Then it was my turn – CBJ first then put her on her back for some fucking, legs in the air, pumping hard and she came again. Brilliant. Off with the condom and came over her.

All this seemed to go in a bit of a blur, it was so frenetic and urgent. We had a bit of a break and a talkfest before it was back to more sex. I couldnt resist the finger again because the effect is so dramatic. She got me off once more and before I knew it I had to leave her.

I cant wait for my next meeting with Lani. So excited I’ve booked an all-nighter in Sydney. Heaven knows what state I’ll be in after but I know it will be memorable and worth it. I’ll give you all an update afterwards.

Thanks Lani you are indeed a super shagger and the squirting queen.

“Time flies when you are having fun.”

A simple but true phrase. It was around this time two years ago that I made a fateful decision to drive up to Newcastle to see a girl called Luscious Lani for the first time. Needless to say, the few short hours I spent that day with Lani was enough to convince me that I had found a true gem and the times I have spent with her since has only reaffirmed my initial thoughts. This latest encounter with Lani has highlighted for me a lot of what makes her the really special person that she is.

Firstly just hanging out with Lani is pure fun. Lani took me for a must-do Newcastle beach drive which was made all the interesting with Lani singing along to the radio for most of the drive (for the record she does have an awesome singing voice). The dinner that we had was hilarious, given that Lani instigated a game of paper-scissors-rock, where the loser of each round had to take a sip of cocktail. I couldn’t take a trick at the start, losing almost every round and therefore was downing the cocktails faster than Speedy Gonzales (¡Ándale! ¡Ándale! ¡Arriba! ¡Arriba!”). But in the end the win-loss ratio was somewhat even. We certainly got through a few cocktails in quick time though! We also played a few games of I-Spy where I didn’t manage a single correct guess and I put this down to the most obscure choices ever made by Lani. She of course will tell you that I was just hopeless at guessing – either way, I’m blaming the alcohol! The fact is that there were loads of laughter, jokes and conversations aplenty and I guess that sums up nicely what socialising with Lani is like.

In the bedroom, Lani is the most giving, sensual, intimate and amazing companion I have ever known. In fact, a long time ago, I had playfully dubbed these moments as “The Luscious Experience”. Sure, Lani being attractive and sexy doesn’t hurt but for me it is much more than that. I have always felt that Lani takes great care to understand what I like and don’t like and do things accordingly. For example there’s the slow and sensual massage and caresses with her hands, light kisses and gentle nibbles all over my body, which I absolutely adore. Then there are her wonderful DFKs which can be gentle and delicate ones through to fiery and passionate ones depending on where the mood takes us. With regards to shagging positions, Lani probably knows what I like even better than me! She knows (far too well) of my weakness with cowgirl and her trick of switching between that and reverse cowgirl whilst swivelling around on my disco stick is one I always enjoy immensely. Another neat trick of Lani’s is going from reverse cowgirl to doggie without decoupling so to speak. Of course no shagging session would be complete without good old mish and a few variants on that. All of this I enjoy and all of this Lani did for me (and then some) on this occasion.

One thing that I also enjoy immensely is to be able to reciprocate the providing of pleasure and help getting Lani across the line. I don’t live under any false illusions that I am any good sexually, but what I try to do is my best. So when I hear Lani encouraging me to keep doing what I am doing and then seeing her wet and body-shaking orgasms, that is definitely a huge turn on for me!

Throughout the countless times I have had the pleasure of spending with Lani, one of the many constants is that she has always something new for me to try. I remember when I first saw Lani, I was pretty “unadventurous” in the bedroom, but she has certainly changed that somewhat. I have experienced many “firsts” with Lani and not surprisingly, there were a few more this time around.

As has often been the case recently, Lani blindfolded me and tied my hands above my head with her cuffs. Bound and blinded, I hear Lani rummaging in her bag of tricks and then of her opening a package of some sort. In an instant, she has taken hold of Junior and applied what I thought was a condom. As it turned out, it was, but with the addition of a vibrating cock ring which I was not expecting! I have never used a cock ring before, let alone a vibrating one and so I was pleasantly surprised when Lani turned the vibration on and I felt the humming sensation of the ring against Junior. It certainly added something extra to “The Lani Special” and during shagging. I think I have become a fan of the vibrating cock ring!

But the most memorable “first” for me during this encounter was definitely having Lani give me my first ever prostate orgasm! OMG, if you ever thought a traditional orgasm was mind-blowing, wait until you try a prostate orgasm. The real beauty of it all was that it was just one of those things that happened in the heat of the moment – nothing was discussed beforehand. It was something that flowed naturally during the course of a hot and steamy session. I trust Lani implicitly, so even when it became obvious what she was going to do, I was more than comfortable enough to let her continue. Lani can read my body language pretty well and she controlled the whole experience perfectly. The result was one of the most intense and powerful orgasms I have ever had. It was certainly very different but it was oh so pleasurable! The fact that I was unable to move an inch for about five minutes afterwards is a testimony to what the prostate orgasm did to me. What topped the whole experience off for me was having Lani snuggle up with me at the end whilst I was immobilised. Not surprisingly, I am extremely glad and grateful to Lani for taking me to yet another place where I hadn’t ventured before!

So yes, time does indeed fly when you are having fun and to say that I have had a truckload of fun with Lani over the last couple of years would be a massive understatement. Although the times I spend with Lani seem to go by in the blink of an eye, the anticipation of what might happen when we next meet is enough to make the ensuing wait somewhat bearable. And believe me, an encounter with Luscious Lani is something definitely worth waiting for!!!

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