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For a description of my services please read here.

Are you working today?

That depends largely on whether I have any bookings organised for today. If you want to make one, go for it! I work on all the days as long as my house is free of guests and I have bookings lined up to get myself ready for. My house is unlikely to remain free from guests and I am unlikely to get ready for work if my calendar is empty.

I don’t enjoy sitting around in my underwear for long stretches of time on the off chance that my phone will ring, which is why I don’t work in brothels these days – I like to put my off-the-clock time to better use – don’t know if you’ve noticed, but there are beaches here I can lay on when I’m not at work. If you’re after a last minute booking, best off calling a brothel where sitting around in your undies waiting for clients is pretty much the only thing people have to do.

Do you have any more pics?

See my Twitter feed or Facebook page for random shots of whatever I feel like taking pictures of. This can include things like self portraits (often featuring nudity on Twitter), food pictures, sunset pictures, hot girls that happen to be standing where I can see them… all sorts of things. I do not guarantee either quality of pictures or frequency of pictures. If you would like me to take exclusive pictures for you, see my rates page.

Can I meet you first for a coffee or a drink?

Absolutely, as long as you pay me. I charge for my time, not for what we get up to. I am more than happy to meet you in public provided my usual rate is paid into my bank account in advance – I’ll provide banking details on request.

Do you only see male clients? 

No, not at all! I take great pleasure in seeing clients of all genders. I find human sexuality intoxicating and I love getting to know people intimately regardless of the configuration in their pants.

Can I book you for my partner?

Absolutely!! This is one of my favourite kinds of requests. It makes me feel like a giant box of sexual chocolates or something lol. To prevent issues, I do ask that you don’t send me as a surprise, unless you have already discussed and agreed on an open relationship/ discussed whats acceptable in terms of sharing your relationship with other people – if your partner is really monogamous it may cause a fight, and I’m a lover, not a fighter.

I’m happy to be a gift on a special occasion, or a substitute sex partner for you if you aren’t feeling up to it for whatever reason, or I’m happy to join both of you and teach you some of my sexy skills if you’re looking to add a little spice. I love seeing bi curious girls and finding out if they’re more than curious, and I love spending time with open minded couples who are exploring new ways to make each other feel amazing… As I said, these bookings are usually my favourites. If you just wanted a simple no holes barred 3some, I am more than up for that as well 🙂

Can I take pictures during our booking?

For sure!! Thats always a lot of fun. There are rules though. You can take pictures on my iphone, not on any other device. If you switch devices, I withdraw my consent, which means you are committing a sexual assault. That’s going to ruin the mood somewhat, so I need you to be really clear on this point. My iphone, no other device. We’re clear on that? Sweet. If we get awesome shots that aren’t identifying, I am happy to forward them to you for your spankbank 🙂

What do you wear to bookings?

I value discretion and I am sure you feel the same way. When I arrive at your home or hotel I’ll be wearing either casual girl next door type clothes with very saucy knickers underneath , or office wear, again, with very saucy knickers on underneath. If you have a preference let me know. If we have something planned for the evening, dinner or a show for example, I’ll dress like your date for the night, or if you prefer, your personal assistant.

If you are popping in for an incall, I also have lots of lingerie – lots and lots of lingerie –  and costumes – I am happy to have them on already if you request them for an incall, or bring them with me to change into if I visit you. They include:

  • Naughty Nurse
  • Hawaiian girl
  •  bikinis, including sparkly bikinis, g-string bikinis, and other bikinis I can actually wear in public if you want to go swimming with me 😉
  • lots of school girl outfits

Where Are You?

I’m located in an easy to find location in the inner suburbs of Newcastle. There is plenty of discreet on street parking. I’ll be less vague about it when your booking is confirmed.

When are you back in Newcastle?

Unless it says I am elsewhere on my touring page, I’m still here, silly!! I live here.

When do you work? What are your hours?

My hours are right here, usually. Just so you know, I am a bit of a nana and am really better during the daylight hours, but if we cannot manage to arrange a booking inside my usual hours I am quite capable of caffiening myself up and partying with you into the wee hours of the morning.

My incalls are set up with this in mind –  most days I’m available 10am −5.30pm.

Outcalls are available outside of those times.  I’m more likely to be available during the day and early evening.

Can I have your first appointment for the day?

You can if you get in before someone else books it.

However, a lot of other people have the same idea as you. If you don’t like the idea of seeing me on a day that others will also see me, you can always book me for the entire day, and that way no one else gets a chance to sully my pure and true self :P….

I have been tempted to introduce a virgin tax on the first booking of the day as it is so popular lol. Guy’s, please realise I shower frequently and thoroughly – you are NOT going to get boy germs from booking me at lunchtime or in the afternoon.

You might however piss me off by being silly about it… I’ve seen more genitals than most people, and sleeping does not reset me to virgin, which seems to be an opinion a lot of boys hold.

Do you do Anal on you? 

Short answer is yes, although if this is the first question you ask me I’m probably not going to take your booking. If you are looking for a porn star type anal experience, I am probably not the right girl for you. Anal is still very intense for me – it’s not something I can keep up for very long, and it shouldn’t be the main reason for your visit to me on that basis. If you are looking for a girlfriend experience with an open minded girl who doesn’t mind anal play, that’s more the sort of thing I offer. You’ll need a Vaudevillianess appointment for anal sex, its not available at Tighter rates.

Do you have anyone who can join us for a threesome?

Yes, I do. See my Ladies We Can Share page for details.

Clients with Special Needs

I am happy to provide a specially tailored service to clients with physical disabilities. I do not have any medical training at all but I do have common sense and empathy, and I will do my best to make sure everyone has a fantastic time.

I’m extremely open minded and not in the habit of looking down on people for stuff they can’t help. I’m experienced with catheters and canula’s and other medical sticky-outy-bits, blind clients, deaf clients, paraplegic and quadriplegic clients, amputee’s, scarring from burns and operations and just about everything else, extreme obesity, and old age.

None of the above worries me in the slightest, I know underneath all the external stuff you’re just a nice guy or girl who deserves a bit of sexy play as much as anyone else, and probably a bit more than some people.

Please note that I do not see clients with severe mental disabilities. If someone has a mental age of 10 they are too young for my services, no matter what their physical age is.

Special requests and fantasies

I do not charge extra for fantasies and roleplaying. If you have a specific scenario in mind that requires equipment or costumes you’ll be expected to provide all the necessary items, and then I am happy to play along. Please note that I do not provide heavy bdsm in my services, and that on the whole my kink levels lie much closer to the feather than the whole chicken, if you know what I mean.

Animal Lovers

I’ve received a few odd requests regarding animal fetishes. While I understand the whole different strokes thing, this is something I can’t approve of. Please don’t ask me to participate in any cross species sessions as you may be offended by my refusal. In fact I’ll probably go out of my way to make sure you’re offended, so please, just don’t ask.

Phone Sex sessions

Phone sex sessions are available by appointment only and must be prepaid. Funds must be received 24 hours prior to your appointment for session to take place. The rates are $150 per 20 minute session or $350 for one hour.

Sessions are real (as in I will actually be doing the things I say I am doing – I get the giggles if I try to fake anything lol)

I am happy to take pictures before and during and either text or email them to you – a set of 3 live action pictures is yours for an additional $100.

I’m also happy to FaceTime you at my usual in-person rates if you’re looking for a webcam type experience, although I do not give permission for the call to be recorded, so you don’t have consent to keep a copy. Best to be very clear on that.

Banking details will be provided when you make a booking.

I am concerned about my privacy

So am I. I’m 4’11, I can’t fight, and I am scared of your wife. Please be discrete in public with me, please be respectful* if you see me in public when we are not together.

In turn, please be assured that I have absolutely NO URGE to out you. NONE. There is nothing in it for me. I am very very happy in my current state, and you may have wives or mothers that want to rip my limbs off. Then they’ll probably start on you. I’m sure we’ll both be better off with all arms and legs and other sticky-outy bits right where they are meant to be.

My goal in life is to be a fantastic memory, for the most part. I want to appear in your daydreams in the twilight years. I’ll be devastated if I am a bad memory, something you regret doing. I want to give you golden moments, not a broken marriage or a broken family. For me, our time together is special and unique, just you and me. I won’t do anything to jeapardise that… it isn’t in anyone’s best interests.

*That is, please act like you don’t know me from Adam. Whatever you do, don’t freak out and accuse me of trying to out you to the tabloids. People are going to wonder why you are staring at the little blonde like she walked in and waved a big axe at you. It won’t end well. Just act like nothing is happening, please.

So, Can We Maybe See Each Other Outside Of Bookings?

Erm. Lets not go there. It’ll make things weird and awkward when I say no.

I’ve written craploads of stuff about the impossibilities of dating while being a sex worker… there is probably some stuff in the blog to the left of the screen there.

Read that in your own time, and just understand that this lil hooker has an “I don’t fuck for free” policy. Being my boyfriend is less fun than you think anyway… cough*highmaintainence*cough.

All that aside, this is my income. People pay me to have coffee and dinner and amazing nights out with them. It’s an awesome deal. My conscience is clear as far as being a dirty filthy strumpet goes, because it’s not like I slut around for free, and that’s the way I like it, and on top of that I earn a decent living which stops me from starving to death while I frolic about being the shagging fairy.

Besides… I like the fairytale aspect. All a fairytale is is a story that knows when to stop and which bits to leave out. So… Lets leave reality out of our liasons, and forget about all the boring and crappy things that would get in the way of our happily ever afters, and be content with our happily right nows. Right now is pretty awesome too, yes?

Can I Have An Incall Booking Outside Of Normal Hours?

I realise my hours don’t suit everyone. If you’ve checked my availability and it doesn’t suit you, I can possibly arrange to meet you outside of my normal hours – I’m not promising anything but I will try. I can’t do this at short notice, however, so please contact me at least a few days ahead of time.

A Note About Reasonable Expectations

A booking with a sex worker is not a guarantee that you will have sex, or that you will orgasm. Money paid to a sex worker is for their time and effort, and has absolutely nothing to do with whether or not anybody climaxes during that time.

Sex workers are humans, with all of the complications of other humans. Clients are also humans, and can also be expected to be emotional or tired or not at their peak on occasion. Sex is an incredibly intimate, personal and vulnerable pastime. Sometimes, especially if the participants are new to each other or nervous, it just doesn’t come together despite the best of intentions. Genitals can be unpredictable and uncooperative, and occasionally this can lead to bitter disappointment.

If climaxing is very important to you, and you feel that you will absolutely be disappointed if you do not climax during your time with me, be prepared to book extra time, be prepared to learn meditation and breathing techniques if nerves are the issue, be open minded and prepared to try new things.  However, also be prepared to accept that sometimes genitals are jerks, and that everyone tried their best but it just didn’t happen.

I make no claims when it comes to your ability to orgasm. I make no guarantees that your genitals will perform to your standards. If you are unable to maintain an erection, I make no promises that there will be any penis in vagina intercourse, because I cannot keep a condom on a penis that is uncooperative, and I will not be providing any kind of unprotected penetration. I will use my hands and lips and my imagination to the best of my abilities but it is really important to understand that I am not a magical unicorn whose super power is the ability to wake any penis in a million miles and cause instantaneous splooshing. I am just a girl who is an awfully good sport about letting you touch my butt.

Lets be nice to each other if anyones genitals let the team down, ok? I understand being disappointed when it happens but I won’t tolerate demands for refunds, expectations that I extend the booking for free, or that I reschedule the booking and redo it for free. If you do any of these things, you’re a bit of a fuckwit. It’s disappointing for me when it happens too – I get a lot of happiness from helping people orgasm, its one of my favourite parts of the job. Please don’t ruin our time together by getting sulky afterwards if your genitals weren’t cooperating. Its unfair on both of us.

Instead, your options include extending the booking and giving it another chance, having a sense of humour about it, asking me for some sexy pictures to take home so that you can finish off later in your own time (this costs nothing, I’m likely to be feeling a bit sorry for you at this point), having a cup of tea or a cold shower… in fact, I’m pretty open to you dealing with disappointment in any way that doesn’t ask me to shoulder the blame/ recompense you for uncooperative genitalia.

My Question Wasn’t Answered On This Page 🙁

Poot. Thats not cool. If that is the case, please either email me for booking-specific questions, or maybe contact me via Twitter if its more to satisfy your curiosity about something 🙂

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